Pam, Josh, Connor, Michaella and Isabelle

If there was ever any physical manifestation as to how the past decade of photographing some of my absolute favorite families were to be shown in photographic proof it would be a before and after picture of a scrawny little 10 year old Connor as compared to this 6'4 fourth year college HULK that showed up to this shoot.  I was even more taken aback this year than last year and then just as I'm gathering my bearings,  I turn around and there is "little" Michaella standing next to her mom and PRACTICALLY the same height as her.   NO.  Just NO.  You kids are NOT allowed to do this to me!!!  Talk about an evolution....  I'm really seeing the dramatic changes this year more than any other year.  The majority of my clients are clients I have had around a decade now, some more, some less, but all hovering around that ten year mark.  And it's just really blowing me away.  The legacy of all these shoots, the bonds we have developed, the friendships I've been blessed with, the honor of chronicling these kids as they grow and it suddenly occurred to me for the very first time that there may actually come a time where I will be photographing these kids' weddings, pregnancies and babies of their own.  And that's when I kind of emotionally fell apart.  Talk about full circle. Anyway, I am digressing but this past month of shoots has really hit me hard in the feels.  Deep breaths..... lol!

I love this family's energy and sense of humor.  They love to laugh and play off each other and, like most family's, there's one total NUT in the family (cough*isabelle*cough) who helps keep everything fun and light and playful.  Gotta love the nuts. :)

Pam & Josh, thank you so much for continuing this LONG tradition of ours, it means the world to me.  I hope you LOVE this year's images!! xoxoxoxo