Image Maker.

After 10+ years of calling myself a professional photographer, I no longer felt the title was an accurate enough embodiment of what I strive for with my work.  I came up with the Image Maker moniker as a way to differentiate myself from the masses and better express what it is that I do.  I don't just capture moments, I help make them.   The symbiotic relationship I have with my clients is the solid foundation upon which all my portraiture originates.   Without those near instantaneous connections, none of this body of work could have come to fruition.  That ability to immediately bond with children and showcase the inherent beauty in everyone is a far more important skill than any of the technical expertise I have steadily honed over the years.  The uniquely individual traits I notice in my subjects, the little nuances that I quietly observe, the particular dynamics I instantly pick up on, the clear recognition of that precise mannerism which defines your child at that very moment in time; all combined with a most harmonious balance between the artistic and the technical side of photography - that is what I do.   When I look at the pictures I've taken of my own children, the ones I am the most emotionally drawn to are the ones that freeze meaningful moments and unique details.  The softness in my son's eyes which remind me of his gentle heart.  The mischievous grin on my daughter's face which hints ever so slightly to the feisty spirit within.   The ease and comfort of their dynamic is made apparent by the way they comfortably nestle into each other, how safe Ellie feels in Gavin's embrace and how he proudly and protectively puts his arm around her tiny little shoulders.  Never forced or posed.  I much prefer to let things unfold as they may.  Aside from the basics of establishing proper lighting and composition, the essence of my work is keen observation and active engagement with my clients.  The rest is merely good timing.  All you need to do is show up as you are.  Please feel free to be YOU.   Let me tell YOUR story.   Everyone loves a good story. 

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