Brendan & Claire

Oh my heart.... You all know that my daughter has always been my one and only muse, but if there was EVER another child on the planet who would be able to rival the way she makes my camera sing it would be Claire.   On top of that, the dynamic between Claire and Brendan is SO reminiscent of my two kiddos that it always gives me deja vu' s when I'm photographing them.  The icing on the cake is my unparalleled love and affection for their parents, Janice being the mightiest little force of nature in the most petite and delicate little frame you ever did see.  I call her the "secret weapon", nobody would suspect her of anything!  Needless to say, I am crazy about the whole family and we always have a TON of fun!  The stress of having our first location be unexpectedly closed upon arrival, and then our second location have a rare special event and also closed, and then scrambling for a Plan C was handled with complete ease because they just know and understand my approach to this style of imagery.  That it has nothing to do with the quality of the backdrop and everything to do with the quality of the family dynamic (and a photographer who understands timing, lighting, and how to engage kids! Ha!).  Regardless, the hiccups were no deterrent and, as expected, the shoot went off without any more hitches once we were underway!  I love clients who trust me so implicitly and unreservedly.  It makes my heart swell!  They also just get it when I let something slide, that there must be a method to my madness.  One example is a standard situation where one kid decides to make a silly face and then realizes the POWER they have insomuch that they could make this ridiculously unattractive face the ENTIRE shoot sending the parents and photographer into a panic and mad frenzy to end the behavior.  Now, for me, when that happens with a sibling shot at play, I roll with it because I know that the other sibling is going to look over, see that face and crack up.  And what you get out of that is a little sister looking at her big brother like he's the best thing since sliced bread, and you know what? That shot is CLASSIC sibling lore, the shots that they will fall over themselves looking at later on in life.  Those shots matter just as much as the "Holiday Photo" shot.  They tell even more of a story of the sibling dynamic and interaction than the more posed images.  Those images with the knowing LOOKS, the unique and special magic inherent within that specific family unit, I live for those.  They're my O2.  And this family gives me those shots over and over and over again.  And I love them for it.  

Janice and Jonathan, thank you for the gift that is your family.  I adore you guys.  Thanks especially for raising two amazing, secure, kind, loving, sweet kiddos who will help make this world a better place.  xoxoxoxoxo