Allison, Dan, Alex, Ethan & Olivia

Oh how I love thee!!!  This is another long time family who believed in me way back when I was but a mere fledgling and emerging artist with absolutely no formal training, experience, education or any credentials whatsoever to justify putting themselves whole heartedly in my hands... and yet, they did.  Without reservation.  And we instantly clicked and I fell in love with their bubbly and playful kids and their genuinely authentic love and affection for each other and, as they say, the rest is history.  I have had the good fortune and opportunity to document so many important moments and events in this family's life and I have grown so incredibly fond of them over the years that their children's achievements are as exciting and emotional to me as my own kids'.  I've watched these kiddos grow up and have been able to document their beautiful journey along the way.  They are such a vibrant and easy going family that we always have to find a balance between the more structured (this is why I'm here) Holiday photos and the (more accurately representative) goofing off pictures!  Naturally, we started out in the treehouse.  Doesn't every family shoot start in the treehouse???!!!  And then moved on to the rest of their brand new home, which was a long term labor of love for the entire family.   This is gonna be a long blog post with tons of images so give it time to load if it's taking a while!  They could all be professional models so I wasn't short on imagery.... :)

I love you all SOOOOO much! Thank you for always being so warm and welcoming and being your authentic selves.  You guys make me (and my camera) very, very happy!  xoxoxo