Alice, May & Clara

This family is very near and dear to my heart for quite a number of reasons.   When you see the images of the girls you'll understand why I adore them so very much.  They are absolutely delightful, vibrant, funny, happy, charming, bright and effervescent little girls.  Marta & Richard are two of the nicest human beings I have ever had the pleasure to meet and their appreciation for my work is evidenced by the fact that they graciously fly me out to London every two years to take family photos for them.   I cannot even begin to express how much I look forward to these trips which I consider my "once every two years" vacation since I get to not only play with them for a couple days in London but then I also get to visit family and friends in Paris afterwards.  It's the highlight of my year every single time.   These sweet girls make me feel so warm and so welcome,  jumping into my arms upon my arrival and very much letting me fully integrate into the family throughout my stay.

I am so blessed to have met this wonderful family and can't wait to see them again in two more years!  This year was a HUGE transition from the last time I saw them.  Little Clara went from a 3 year old toddler to a little girl with SO much to say!  Each of them have such distinct little personalities and I honestly could just listen to them talking with their ridiculously adorable British accents ALL DAY LONG and be perfectly content.   Even when they just say "I need to go to the loo" I kind of melt into a puddle of adorable-overload.  They're just that cute.

There were SOOOOO many favorites that I couldn't fit them into a regular blogpost and even had a hard time narrowing a slideshow down to fit into one song but I did finally pull it together!