Avery, Quinn & Morgan

This is another one of my long time families.  I've documented all three pregnancies and births.  I get to see them every two years and it seems like a lifetime goes by between every shoot as the girls go from infant to toddler, from toddler to preschooler, and preschooler to elementary school.   I got all emotional seeing them this last time because the changes were so acute and dramatic.   But even with all that time in between, it's like no time has ever gone by as we instantly fall into such an easy and happy groove!   Kevin and Carly are the most remarkable parents.  They understand that childhood is this magical time, where exploration and imagination are key elements.  They have always understood what it is that I do with my photography and given me free reign to "do my thing."  That implicit trust allows me the freedom to shoot organically and delve deeper into the layers of what I am trying to accomplish.  Avery, Quinn and Morgan are such secure, happy, curious, delightful little girls, so willing to be open and letting me into their world, practically taking me by my hand and inviting me in so I can capture the real essence of their dynamic and their incredibly loving family.   

I delight in these kinds of shoots, children having fun, siblings interacting, families being themselves, having the time to be a participant and an observer.  I get to have little hands reach out for mine as we walk from one location to another... I've been blessed with so many clients who have really given me that trust and freedom to photograph things the "Pascale" way.     My busy season is ramping up and I'm so excited to see all my long time clients again, this is my season of bearing witness to all the growth and development that all "my" families have experienced over the past year and that makes it my most favorite time of the year.  :)

Kevin and Carly, thank you for being so absolutely incredible and for putting three such beautiful, caring, loving, charming little girls on the planet.