Ava & Bella

This time of year I start to get my super long time clients, those who know well enough to book me a year in advance to get their coveted Fall Season shoot, those who have been with me since the start 10+ years ago when I launched this little business of mine.   These are my "not my first rodeo" families.   We can take on any challenge.  You know, like the Boardwalk on their Monday night dollar night promotional evenings.... yeah, that's right.  We did that.  And survived.  :)

I would never do something like this with a new family, it takes a huge degree of trust and established communication and mutual comfort for an undertaking like this not to turn into complete disastrous pandemonium.   We rocked it, basically.  Despite the fact that there were 2.6 billion people there.  Despite the heat, the crowds, the noise, and the DREADED color casts basically EVERYWHERE.  You photographers know what I'm talking about.... :)  

These girls are like family to me.  I've known them from their very beginnings and I get to watch them grow, bear witness to the journey of their childhood and it's a privilege I never take for granted with all my clients.  This is the part that holds the most meaning to me because I really, really get to know these kids in a really meaningful and significant way.  And that trust, that bond, that knowledge of WHO they are, allows me to capture the REAL them.  It's just the best thing ever, basically.   And these girls are FABULOUS.  Full of spunk, fierceness, vitality and passion.  They have a zest for life and I love being around them.  It was also really sweet to see how especially close and tender they were on this shoot.  Bella, initially afraid of the Sky Tram, started off completely nestled into her sister, whose protective embrace gave her the confidence to eventually peel away and start dancing and singing along to the music blaring from the speakers. As a mother, it was adorable to watch and as a photographer it was a treat to document.

I adore this family, they've been so good to me over the years and always supportive of my work and my kids.  Thank you Tiffany and Don for letting me play with your girls every year! xoxo