This is another beloved family whom I've been photographing since their maternity shoot (8 years ago!).  They are the sweetest family ever, great fun and mom is an artist herself so she has a complete grasp on the language I speak when I talk about lighting, angles, composition, patterns etc... she and I are always "muy simpatico" as I'm setting up shots, she gets it. :)

Oliver is the perfect blend of Patricia and Leo.  Aside from his insanely gorgeous looks (I think I regularly say "gosh, he's really a beautiful boy" about a dozen times throughout every shoot we do together), he's also a very charming, inquisitive, curious, adventurous, playful and funny kid.  I've had the pleasure of watching him evolve over the years and I'm starting to see the man he will eventually become and it's such a treat to get to partake in that evolution from infancy forward.  A real treat for me not only as a photographer but as a friend of the family.  I delight in observing all the transformations that occur through all the many childhood stages.  Oliver is just a really great kid - and his folks are pretty darn awesome too! :)

Mom picked a location that is a favorite spot for the family, an absolutely gorgeous spot in Nisene Marks parks that we hiked in to get to.  Well worth the effort!  I know we all know we live in Paradise out here in Santa Cruz County but it's these hidden gems of tucked away spots that remind us how truly blessed we are.  Within ten minutes drive in any direction we can go from Redwood forest to the beach to wild-flower open fields to mountain tops to river beds...  Just amazing.  I can't imagine living anywhere else.  This community is HOME.  

Thank you Leo & Patricia for another wonderful afternoon! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! xoxoxoxo

Enjoy your sneak peek!

p.s. there is a whole series of images of Oliver making the most HILARIOUS faces every time you guys kissed.  I couldn't post them all, but I know they'll make you laugh out loud. :)