Zoe & Alex

I couldn't possibly enjoy this family's energy and sense of humor more.  We speak the same "language" where Bay and Thong completely understand everything that I'm doing and we laugh at the same antics and the shoot is just a roller coaster ride of laughs and craziness from start to finish.  We are all just along for the ride and let things unfold how they may.   There is no better argument against heavily posed, controlled, styled, planned and structured shoots than the results of this photoshoot.   This is how I prefer shooting.  I direct my clients for optimal lighting and composition/backdrop but then it's ALL about my engagement with them and their own interactions.  That's the peanut butter to my jelly.

 It goes without saying that few families laugh as heartily and frequently as this one.  The running joke was how "utterly miserable" Zoe and Alex were throughout the shoot...  lol!  I warned Bay and Guy that the kiddos would "probably" get wet by the river but none of us imagined the full submersion that lay ahead.  Luckily, Bay and Guy just rolled with it (despite not even knowing if they had a towel or change of clothes in the car!) and we ended up with some memorable moments and magical shots.  I'm so grateful for clients who "get" what I do and don't just want "pretty" heavily posed pictures but prefer the real, raw and authentic representation of the craziness of life with kids.  This is what it's all about.  These are the moments that will be remembered.

Thank you to all my beloved and loyal clients for trusting me to capture the real stories and genuine personalities of your family.  xoxo