The real life Energizer Bunny!

This fabulous family came to me through a recommendation from dear clients of mine and it's always such a treat to meet new families!  Kristen had "warned" me that her lively boy did not like having his picture taken or not being in motion at all times and I told her not to fret because I was the reincarnation of the Energizer Bunny myself and could handle any degree of highly active child.  In fact, spirited kids is kind of my specialty.  Well, Aaron stole the title of Energizer Bunny from me but I still think I managed to keep up with him!  He was definitely in CONSTANT motion from start to finish!  It was so wonderful to behold his parents so completely in sync with his needs and allowing him the freedom to be his spirited, inquisitive, active self while also providing healthy boundaries and limits.  They really "get" their boy and know how best to meet his needs.  Aaron is clearly very secure in his parents love and a very, very, very, happy and bubbly kid!  Full of spunk and vitality!!  At one point near the end of the shoot I could tell he was starting to "perform" for his parents (which happens A LOT with kids this age and they get all wound up) so I (with their permission of course) sent mom and dad on a short walk and spent some brief 1 on 1 time with Aaron which yielded some much more connected, calmer, soulful images of him.  It was very rewarding to be able to see all sides of his personality and capture them for posterity's sake.   It's much harder to get those kinds of images with kids who just want to GO GO GO!  So, it was a treat to get 5 minutes alone with him and have him concentrate on our newfound connection and bond.  I love when I can get that from new families I've never met before, a real treat for me as a photographer.   In all, it was a very high energy and fun shoot and I slept really well that night... lol!!!! :)

To the T. Family, it was a pleasure meeting you!!  ENJOY YOUR IMAGES!!!