The story about how I met Delphina is a pretty great one, all about two ladies out walking their awesome (no bias) dogs and one of them (me) getting all excited about this fabulously pregnant mama (her) walking towards me with her ridiculously cute dog.  As is the norm with me, I struck up a conversation with Delphina and we just chatted and chatted!  Next thing I knew I was taking pictures of her newborn Jace along with her and her wife Jennifer.  Two years and two shoots later I just had the honor and privilege of photographing the latest addition to the family, little Emry, who looks EXACTLY like her big brother did at the same age, except with little delicate girl features.   She even has the matching dimples which they both got from Jennifer!  

I just adore this family so much!  They love babies and dogs and surfing and the great outdoors and family and love and laughing and basically everything I love too!  Our sessions are always full of love and laughter, the two essential components to a happy family life.   And it just fills my heart with so much joy to see how deeply happy and fulfilled they are and how wonderful their little family unit is.  They were even blessed with Grandma's presence to help ease the transition from one kid to two and we all know how big of a help Grandma's are!   She was invaluable during the shoot, especially since little Emry was quite particular about NOT being away from the boob, NOT being asleep,  and NOT being naked and NOT being not held! HA!  She definitely is a girl who knows what she likes!  None of the usual tricks were working, she had our numbers dialed.  So, we ebbed and flowed and tag teamed and it was a perfect display of the chaos, compromises, shifting of gears, and teamwork required when it comes to life with kids.  And they handled it effortlessly and with a wicked sense of humor throughout.    Like I said, my kind of peeps.  :)

Delphina & Jennifer, I'm so glad to be able to chronicle your family's journey!  Can't wait to watch Jace and Emry grow up! xoxo