Aliya The Ballerina

I've been working on some marketing materials to promote my dance photography and in the course of putting it all together I realized I had amazing content for adult dancers but very little in the scope of young dancers, which is a group I really want to work with more.  So in my effort to promote my alternative to the usual, standard, boring, kitschy backdrop and artificial lighting that is offered in the realm of child dance photography imagery, I decided to "kidnap" a friend's daughter who is a classically trained (ballet), breathtakingly talented and beautiful dancer.   I specifically wanted a well trained ballerina because the biggest complaint I have heard from parents who have had their dancers photographed professionally (besides the sterile and phony studio settings/backdrops) is that the photographer had absolutely no dance education/know how, resulting in imagery that didn't capture their child in the proper poses.  When it comes to dance, the smallest shifts are critically important, most especially in ballet.  The legs have to be straight on pointe with nary the slightest bend in the knees, no gaps between the legs, sharp and tight, the foot completely perpendicular and angled properly, arms and hands in the precise spot they belong, etc...  There's a laundry list of small details that anyone who doesn't practice or have intimate knowledge of these subtleties would certainly miss and not know the exact optimal moment when the picture should be taken.  Timing is critical in all photography but even mores in dance photography.   I think my organic and authentic approach to dance portraits coupled with my know-how/education means I can offer something really special and unique to dancers out there, both young and adult.  So, this shoot was focused far more on the technical perfection required in ballet rather than the emotive and visceral dancing images I took a few weeks ago of my friend Kia.  (which can be viewed HERE

Miss Aliya is a little powerhouse.  Full of spunk, fire, talent, grace and persistence.  She is an absolute joy and delight to not only watch dance but just to be around.  She's one of the best little huggers I've ever had the pleasure of knowing too.   It's amazing how wonderful a power hug from a little force of nature can feel like!  

Thank you Rena for all your guidance during the shoot and for lending me your beautiful little ballerina.  She was SPECTACULAR!  xoxoxox