I almost titled this: Future International Top Model Peyton.    I've had the privilege of getting to watch this self assured young lady grow up over the years and become particularly close to her over the past few months so I've gotten to really know her and her vibrant mind on a deeper level and let me assure you that her stunning looks are just a drop in the bucket when it comes to everything this smart, witty, sweet and charming teen has going for her.    I'm not really sure which one of us was more excited about this shoot seeing as we both SQUEALED and clapped rather excitedly when I picked her up for it.    As you'll see, Peyton is a complete natural in front of the camera.  I could not have possibly enjoyed photographing her more.  We completely lost track of time, both of us totally in the zone and LOVING every minute of it.   The bond we've developed over the past few months clearly evident alongside her total comfort and ease in front of the camera.  She understood everything I asked of her and seamlessly executed it, adding her own flair to everything and infusing each image with her own Peyton magic.   It was all around awesome-sauce.  :)

Keep your eyes peeled for this one, she's got a very bright future in whatever she decides to do with her life.  I will be enthusiastically cheering her on from the sidelines!  Love you, Peyton!