Kia - Portrait of a Dancer

I met Kia almost two years ago when I attended my first "real" dance class taught by our mutual "guru" Gina Garcia, the mega talented force behind the WorlDanz approach to community dance and fitness.  I was supremely intimidated coming into the class, with a bad "jacked" ankle handicap and absolutely zero formal dance training whatsoever other than a few zumba classes here and there. I remember Kia's beautiful, warm and welcoming smile on that first day and knew I would be ok surrounded by all these brilliant dancers.  Kia was going through Gina's intensive Dance Instructor training at the time and I always managed to position myself directly behind her in class because I just LOVED how her body moved.  I called her my "rabbit", like a greyhound determined to catch her prey, I was determined to one day be able to keep up with her.   And even though I am now going through the Dance Instructor training myself, I'm still a long, long, long ways away but still always chasing that dream.... :)

Kia is a naturally gifted dancer.  She just makes it look so easy and seamless.  She also trains HARD lest you think she got that body (after 4 kids no less!!!) by just sitting around... HA!  She's an absolute delight to watch dance and a complete joy to be around.  She's become a dear friend and I pretty much adore her.  I was thrilled to do this shoot with her as I've been wanting to photograph her for a very long time.   She admitted to being extremely camera shy but that did not remotely affect the images because the images were not about her "posing" for me, they were about me capturing her doing her thing.  That's the point.

I was blessed a year ago with the opportunity to photograph our mentor Gina and the results of that shoot can be viewed HERE.   The more immersed I get in this dance world the more I am excited to merge my two passions.  In that goal, I have noticed that there is a complete lack of options for serious dance students to have the kind of fine art imagery that I am drawn to.   What I've seen is very much studio based work with fake backdrops and overly smiley jazz hands poses.  I want to explore and offer other options.  I think many teenagers/young adults and all devoted dancers could potentially be seeking something with more depth, more layers, more emotion, more REALNESS.  

Dance is one of the most beautiful but also guttural forms of artistic expression.  At its very best, is is downright RAW.  It is grounded and explosive all at the same time.  It speaks volumes without saying a word.  Capturing that rawness requires not only the right space, the right music, but also a photographer trained and knowledgeable in dance, one who understands the precise timing and positioning that yields the best images.   Someone as passionate about dance as the dancers themselves.

I'm hoping to fill that void by being able to provide custom dance photography which not only perfectly captures the beautiful dance movements and extreme athleticism of the dancers but also accurately reflects their own unique personalities.  Each dancer brings their own essence to their dance, their own style which emanates from their individual personalities.  This is is what I seek in what I do because it's what I see.

To all you devoted dancers out there, I cannot wait to create some beautiful art together!