Kenzie and Bodi!

I have become so attached to this family.  I get to see them at least twice a year and have been photographing them since Elisa was pregnant for the first time.  It's been a remarkable journey marked with memorable shoots and so much adventure!  Elisa always picks a new, fun location and SUPER bright and bold outfits to match their vibrant personalities.  She loves color as much as I do and doesn't shy away from making a statement!   They are always full of spunk and laughter and everyone was particularly giggly and playful on this shoot.  We were blessed with INCREDIBLE weather at a super fun location and it was just a spectacular shoot from start to finish.  I delight in watching Kenzie and Bodi grow and evolve, and watching their sibling dynamic ebb and flow.  They were really close buddies on this particular shoot, very much in sync with each other, very close in spirit, and I just loved watching that brother-sister dynamic.  They seemed to me to have their own secret little language this time, like I frequently see with twins that I photograph, as though they are partners in crime, Bonnie and Hyde, looking to outwit, outsmart and outplay all us grown ups.  I had a ridiculous amount of fabulous images to choose from and had a really hard time narrowing it down for the blog.  Hopefully this small sampling gives you an idea as to how much fun we had!

Elisa & Peter, thank you for valuing my work so much, for trusting me so implicitly every single time, for letting me do my thing and for understanding the "eye" and the heart/soul that I put into every photo shoot.  It's so nice to have clients/friends who "get" what I do and appreciate it as much as you do.  I absolutely love you guys! xoxo