Austin & Hannah

My little family trio has been close friends with this family for several years.  It all started when back when our children attended the same school together and our boys totally hit it off (same class) and our girls became BFF's forever (same class).  It was really hard on the kids when we all went to different schools this year.  We have been on family vacations together and weekend outings and sleepovers and just really been able to enjoy each other's company and the wonderful dynamic between our 4 combined kiddos.  It's a really easy, fun, active vibe that we are all in sync with.  I've been wanting to photograph them FOREVER but it all finally happened this past weekend and I was positively GIDDY with excitement.   FRECKLES, people, FRECKLES.   Like, more freckles than you could even imagine.  It's like I was in a heavenly dreamland of freckles, adorable kids, awesome parents and fabulous scenery.   Needless to say, I was a happy little photographer.  The great part about photographing your friends is that you REALLY know everyone's personality so well and you even know about their history as a family, their genuine dynamic and inside jokes.  It adds a whole layer of intimacy and ease.  I had a truly wonderful time with this ridiculously sweet, kind, loving and beautiful (inside & out) family.   Katherine & Steve, thanks for spending the afternoon with me!  Enjoy your images!!!