Juliette, Anna & Joshua

These kiddos were SUCH troopers!! It was absolutely FREEZING the day of our shoot.  I wore gloves the entire time, something I rarely do, and my fingers were still blue for an eternity afterwards.   I was so proud of them for not whining and complaining endlessly like my own children surely would have... hahahahaha!  

I've known these kiddos forever (as in I literally photographed each of their newborn sessions) and I always feel as though they are as excited to see me as I am to see them, which is such a treat for me.  This year seemed to mark some huge transitions and growth, especially with Juliette who is suddenly on the cusp of Middle School.   She seemed all grown up to me and it kind of took my breath away.  That combined with their inherent birth order dynamic which is just absolutely fascinating to me.   After 10+ years of observing the realities of birth order as a photographer and 40+ years as the oldest sibling of three, I can attest to the value of the theories behind it, it's legit! :)

Joshua was determined to make us all laugh and was definitely the family entertainer, as per usual.   Anna was the peacekeeper, and my little assistant in making sure harmony was maintained.   

The past few years Juliette and Anna have been heavily involved in their horses so we figured it was about time we included them in a family shoot.   The horses were super muddy and completely uncooperative so they ended up not being as much of a focal point as expected, hahaha, but we were still able to get the meaningful shots I had been seeking to capture.

I'm just proud of everyone for hanging tough despite the ridiculous temps and biting wind!  Deborah and Charlie, love you all so much! xoxo