Quinn, Reilly & Tyler

I've spoken at length about my deep love and affection for this family.  About how they were my very first "real" client 10+ years ago.  How we all instantly found a great affinity for each other and how our friendship and bond has only cemented itself over the years to the point where I practically feel like we are family now.   I'm a huge fan of theirs, how they parent with humor and flexibility, how they encourage playfulness and tenderness, how they value teamwork and each other.  How they are verbally and physically comfortable with showing their love and affection for each other.  How they go with the flow and cherish every moment, living more in the NOW than any other family I know.   I'm truly reminded of what's important in life every single time we hang out, whether at a shoot or just when we are spending time together, their family and my little trio. Basically, I kinda love them a whole lot.

I've also talked a bit about Tyler's Angelman's Syndrome, not because it defines her or the family by any stretch, but because I want to grab any platform I can to raise awareness and share info about ways to help fund research, thus this link to help share information about a big fundraising Angelman's Syndrome Walk that will be taking place locally in May 2016.  CLICK HERE for more info as details are being finalized.  My kids and I will be there alongside Tara, Bryan, Quinn, Reilly and Tyler. 

Speaking of the star of the show, it was Tyler's birthday the day of our shoot and the family had chosen to spend the weekend at Seascape to give Tyler access to her two favorite things (besides her family!): the ocean and a warm pool!  I even got to watch her literally running to keep up with her siblings, a huge physical accomplishment leap since the last time I saw them just a few months ago when they VERY graciously helped me tremendously with my big move.

The deep affection, patience, compassion and roll-with-the-punches approach to life that Tara & Bryan have so beautifully role modeled for their kids has created the kind of family unit that absolutely warms my heart and instills deep respect for all of them.  The kids really "get it" in a way that many kids don't.  I can only hope I'm doing a fraction as good a job raising my two as they are doing raising their three.

Here is a little sneak peek of our time together, we wandered and played and hung out.  It's what we do best.  :)