Kassidy & Avila

The last time I saw this family was five years ago when we did a photo shoot for Kassidy at 6 months old so it was perfectly fitting that we reunite for Avila's 6 months as well!   It was SO fun to see Kassidy after all these years and notice just how much the two girls look alike at the same age!  Kassidy is an INCREDIBLE big sister and did such a great job with Avila during the shoot, from holding her to making her laugh and being my assistant.  We even had the privilege of having Grandma around to help with logistics which is always wonderful!  It's that time of year for those formal Christmas photos so we definitely accomplished that but we also had time at the end for Avila's little solo shoot and it was EXTRA special because I was able to capture her on her VERY FIRST TIME EVER sitting up on her own!!!  I'm shocked she wasn't frightened by the amount of clapping and loud cheering that was happening as we all went bonkers when she managed to sit up on her own.  We were all SO excited and she was looking at us like we were all crazy.....  :)  I'm thrilled to bits we were able to capture that moment, they're so fleeting and so special and I'm honored to have been a witness to it!

Boris & Briana, such a pleasure to see you all again and meet the new addition to the family!  ENJOY your images!!! xoxoxo