Adventures with IN CAMERA double exposure.

20 years ago when I started experimenting in earnest with various photography techniques, and this was back in the "old days" of film mind you, I developed an affinity for double exposure imagery.   I eventually outgrew that stage and focused on other styles and techniques.   A month ago, though, I saw a double exposure image that really grabbed my attention and re-invigorated my lust for the medium.   I did some research to learn how to merge files in photoshop to create that double exposure look and found it to be a rather convoluted process requiring hours of experimenting and layers upon layers of editing work.  I was quickly disillusioned and longed for my old film cameras... only to discover by a fluke you tube video that my Canon 5D Mark iii actually has a function allowing me to create double exposure images DIRECTLY IN CAMERA on the spot.   EUREKA!!!  I loved that this was essentially the same thing as how I used to do it with film, requiring two images to be taken immediately one after the other with all the exposures and composition and lighting etc.. to be figured out on the spot at that exact moment.  This was far more appealing to me, especially since I create better under pressure.   I watched several instructional videos to get some tips and tricks and get  my head in the game and then today I took my daughter out into our backyard to practice what I had learned.   Turns out, it's not quite as simple as I thought....  Understanding how the camera merges the files (and there are four different ways to make that happen) and how to compose/frame each shot stacked on top of each other and calculate the exact precise exposure to yield the most attractive result is actually not simple at all!   I was blessed with a VERY patient model who allowed me take after take after take after take.... a continuous string of epic failures... Two hours later I had only 6 images I liked... so needless to say this will take far more practice for me to feel adept enough to incorporate it into my client shoots, but I'm excited about the idea of creating a new artistic style for my clients as an "extra" in their shoots if they are as attracted to the look as I am.    Here are the final 6 shots (plus a simple B&W of my love bug because she's so darn photogenic) all taken in my backyard with limited scope of material and yet I am really delighted with this first run because I know I can become INFINITELY better than this mediocre attempt... I can just FEEL the endless possibilities!  ENJOY!