Happy New Year!!!

2014 was a most eventful year. More major transitions and challenging obstacles than I could even keep count of. And so many "feels".. Oh the feels... And yet, while it managed to provide some of my lowest low's it also graced me with some of my most meaningful connections, genuine interactions and deeply emotional moments. It was a year of tremendous personal growth and hard-earned clarity. As I continue to evolve as a human being, a mother, a photographer, a friend, etc. I ease further and deeper into a place of complete authenticity, vulnerability & openness. I still don't know how to make this working artist single parent thing actually work in a sustainable long term way but somehow I miraculously keep pulling it off.  Pretty much exclusively thanks to those remarkable devoted souls who keep hiring me year after year in addition to the generosity of my beloved friends and family who are always looking out for me.  I have had to lean on my friends/family more this year than ever before and in this humbling process I have gained such an incredible degree of appreciation and gratitude for the immeasurable power of love.  In all its varied forms.   Ultimately, life is both good and hard.  And it's equally magnanimously beautiful both when it's good and when it's hard because what you gain from the experiences in both of those extremes is absolutely invaluable. The more "hard" I experience the more nuanced, perceptive, sensitive and layered my soul becomes and in turn, I become a better person - and a better photographer.  
I want to wish you all a 2015 filled with depth, meaningful connections, love, unbridled joy, stolen moments, clarity of purpose, random acts of kindness, fulfilling work and exciting adventures.   May it all be hard and good.  

P.S.  Every year, in lieu of sending out holiday cards, I create these retrospective slideshows for my close family and mostly for my kids, who revel is watching their "special annual slideshows" from years past.    I tend to only reveal the best of the best in these slideshows, there's no mention of hour long meltdowns and tantrums or emotional heartbreak and physical pain from injuries/surgeries/ailments etc...  I keep it light, but it is still a good representation of our lives in our nutty little family unit.  If you are so inclined, you are welcome to watch it, my kids are kind of cuckoo for cocoa puffs so be prepared for some wackiness...  Password to view is:  happyholidays

HUGE thank you to all my clients who single handedly sustain me and make it possible for me to provide for my children doing a job I could not possibly love more.   I continuously strive to create for you the kind of artwork and memories that will stand the test of time and consistently make your hearts flutter years from now when you look back on the magic we create together.   Much love to you all.  xoxoxo