Garrett & Madelyn & their amazing mom.

Deardra and I met years ago and instantly hit it off.  We never had much free time to hang out  due to life getting in the way but we did a photo shoot together a few years back and it was a really special thing for both of us.   Since that photo shoot life pretty much got really intense for both of us and we came full circle and reconnected recently.    Deardra is just one of those amazing woman you can't help but hold in the highest esteem and admiration.   She is resilient, steadfast, determined, strong and deeply invested in making the most out every speed bump she encounters in life.  Her daughter Madelyn has Rett Syndrome and while most people would crumble under the pressure and stress associated with this, she makes it look seamless, not to mention while also juggling being a full time single working parent.  She puts the rest of us to shame with her multi tasking and can-do attitude, let's just put it that way.    You can learn more about Rett Syndrome by clicking HERE.  It is sorely under funded and the full potential of those born with this neurological condition is very misunderstood.   Deardra was just recently able to obtain a special computer for Madelyn that could potentially provide Madelyn with a key to communication and expanding her world as she knows it.   Technology is a wonderful thing!   It was super special for me to see Madelyn and Garrett again after all these years.  Garrett was exactly as tall as me now which, you know, GAH.  Not cool, dude.   Teenage boys tend to be such an enigma for most photographers but I just love this age and revel in watching the transformation as they warm up to me.  It's neat-o.  :)

Deardra, I adore you and your family and am so glad we did this long overdue photo shoot.  I have high hopes for Madelyn's computer and am so proud of you for always being such a staunch advocate for her despite the innate setbacks and challenges.  You're an incredible mom and human being.  Love you lots!