A girl and her dog(s).

Meet Molly and her two dogs Dexter and Penny.  Meet me, the photographer who loves nothing more than kids with their dogs.   Yeah, so maybe I was totally in my happy place - despite Dexter  The Great Dane Puppy being a royal spastic nutball.  :)

Seriously, I thought I had the world's biggest, dopiest, goofiest dog on the planet - until I met Dexter.   His ears and tongue have an agenda of their own, which has nothing to do with anything else the rest of his body is doing.  Naturally, I completely fell head over heels in love with him.  I loved Penny The Smiliest Labrador too, of course! 

And, you know, Dexter and Penny's family weren't too shabby either.... lol!   I've known this family for ages.  Even though our last shoot together was about 8 years ago we have stayed in touch as friends and I've peripherally watched Molly grow up but it was still a bit of a shock to the old (key word OLD) system to see her so young lady like.  Oooof.  My heart.

The shoot was absolute chaos because of the dogs who definitely did not have the same agenda that we had, but we all know by now that I thrive on chaos!  BRING IT!

It was a most marvelous shoot!  Susan, Phillip and Molly, it was an absolute pleasure spending time photographing you all again!  And congratulations on Dexter, he is a most delightful addition to the family! ENJOY your sneak peek!