Ellie, Ben, Annabel, Trixie and Teddy

This is one of my absolute FAVORITE families.  I've always joked about how leading up to my shoots I will drink as many cups of coffee as there are children in the family.  It's my "go to" formula.   With this family I would, in theory, need 5 cups which could potentially result in me being a complete and utter spaz during the shoot.  Luckily, these 5 kids are among the most cooperative, charming, delightful and easy to photograph EVER.  So, my rule of thumb goes out the window with them, they are just such a pleasure to be around.    We did the shoot at their beautiful home and even got images with their pups and their new kittens at the end but for brevity's sake I had to narrow down to just head shots for the sneak peek, you know, what with the five children and all! HA!  This year is Ellie's senior year in High School so I grabbed a few extra with her at the end.  I would have shot forever but the thick, wet fog rolled in too fast and things got bleary light-wise pretty quickly.  J & N, I hope you LOVE your sneak peek.  Thank you for the honor of documenting your family.  xoxo