Connor, Michaella & Isabelle

I often remark on how incredible it is to me that I get to photograph the same families year after year after year and have the distinct honor and privilege of watching the kids grow up.  Well, this certainly hits me the hardest when the kids I have been documenting go off to COLLEGE... WHAT!?  Argh.  This family is a long time client and we've become friends over the years and I've seen the family change and evolve and grow.  Connor is now away at college and came back for this shoot - with his adorable girlfriend!  Michaella and Isabelle were tickled pink to have their big brother around and Isabelle in particular just could not stop climbing on him and clinging to him incessantly.  They absolutely ADORE their big brother.  This time though, she had some competition for his affections... ha! This family is always full of fun, laughter, lively antics and dramatic displays and I couldn't possibly love that about them more.  It makes for a fast paced and fun filled shoot.  I can always rely on Isabelle to be the class clown and on Michaella to be the dependable and reasonable one.  And all the kids know that dad is a complete nutball so his antics practically go unnoticed at this point! HA!  I just can't get enough of them and I was particularly thrilled to be shooting in a location that I had moved away from and had not shot at in ages but have now moved back closer to and had forgotten just how gorgeous the light is there.  Made for a fabulous shoot!  Here is a "little" sneak peek!  Love you guys!