Nikita's new family

I don't usually make the blog header title the name of the family dog but this family is so crazy about their new pup - much like we are about our beloved pooch in my little family - that I kinda felt compelled to.   Nikita is the new addition to this wonderful family whom I've photographed before.    I will readily admit to being extremely partial to families with large breed dogs who consider their pets a member of the family and couldn't IMAGINE not including their dog in their family photos! HA!    To this day, my favorite image ever of my kids and I includes our beloved Kooper.  This beautiful, loving, high energy foursome wanted to do the shoot at the historic covered bridge park, a location I had not shot at in YEARS.  I had forgotten how lovely that bridge is.  We had a really fun shoot and I'm delighted to show them their sneak peek here on the blog.  Nikita has definitely stolen all their hearts, as she did mine during the couple hours we all played together.    It was quite fortuitous that I happened to have dog treats in my car!  That's what you get for hiring a dog loving/owning photographer!   Pete, Jeanne, Ruby and Petey (& Nikita of course!), it was such a pleasure hanging out with you all!  Enjoy your sneak peek!