I met this family when I photographed their first born Ian a little over 7 years ago.  Five years ago, brother Sam came along.  Then, out of the blue, I get an email from Amy saying "Surprise! We need you again!"  And what a perfect, adorable, fantastic little surprise Mister Grant is!  I'm so glad I was able to squeeze them into my schedule because I just ADORE this family and I can so tangibly feel the love they all have for each other.   Amy is such a great mom and when she saw one of the pictures on the back of my camera of her and Grant cuddling she started crying, which, in turn, made me start crying which resulted in Ian and Sam looking at us like we are two crazy ladies....  I gotta admit, I just have such a soft spot for these newborn sessions....  My womb aches for weeks afterwards.

 I was able to spend some quality time with Ian and Sam while mom was nursing Grant.  You can tell from the pictures that this family likes to laugh and have fun, so we all had a grand ole time!  You'll also see the requisite soccer ball accessory since they are a BIG TIME soccer family and we couldn't possibly NOT include a soccer ball SOMEHOW into the shoot! :)

It was great fun seeing you all again!  I'm delighted I was able to continue our newborn tradition with this fabulous, happy, and wonderful surprise which is Grant.  I can just tell already how he completes your family and just adds a whole new layer of love to add to the love-fest which already existed!  xoxo