Ellie and Kooper

Our dog Kooper turns 5 next month.  Throughout all the turmoil of the past few years, my divorce, all our moving around, and immeasurable stress the kids and I have been through, Kooper has been the greatest source of comfort and stability for my kids.  He is, quite frankly, the worlds greatest dog.   He is especially bonded to my two kids and has become a therapy dog for them both.  Watching their connection reminds me how amazing the power of true, full, authentic, open, unconditional love.  There's nothing there but pure love.  It's pretty magical.   Two nights ago Ellie and I decided we needed some fresh air and "nature therapy" so we took Kooper for a walk.   The words of my cherished mentor ("take your camera everywhere") were ringing in my ears so I did something I never do and I loaded myself up with my big ole camera instead of just my iPhone and off we went for a nice walk with Kooper.   In the process of our walk I was able to capture images of Ellie and Kooper interacting in the way that they do.  Very loving, loyal, playful and tender.   Their bond is special.  I'm glad I was able to capture it.  I also got some killer shots of Ellie but that's always easy because she inspires me to no end and is my absolute favorite muse of all time.  I can't help but want to photograph her ALL THE TIME.  Sadly, I just usually do it with my iPhone, especially during my busy season.  I'm so glad I went outside my comfort zone (physically and mentally) and brought my gear with me on a simple evening walk or I would never have gotten these images.  And I know that Ellie will cherish them now and forever.   So here's to honoring the bond between canines and their little human companions.  It's a beautiful thing.