Cameron & Chloe

I just delight in photographing this family, and not just because Jen is a friend so I enjoy her presence (she's mellow and super sweet and I love her lots) but also because her whole family dynamic is just an absolute pleasure to be around.  No false pretenses, just showing up as they are and presenting their true authentic selves to me with nothing but complete trust in me.  Jen and Steve have this easy, genuine, affectionate and tender relationship that always makes my heart swell watching them interact. They've been together 15 years and while it shows in how completely at ease with each other they are, and how deeply they love and respect each other, they still have this amazing spark.   You all know what I'm talking about, the way two people who are completely crazy about each other look at each other? Yeah, they have that.  Totally in sync.   It's a really special thing to witness.   And they adore their kids and really KNOW Cameron and Chloe and give each child the space, freedom and safety to be their own unique and individual selves.   Cameron is very quiet, shy, a perpetual thinker.  He's much happier just off exploring on his own.  When I look at him, I can see the wheels turning at all times with him absorbing and analyzing all the data the world is presenting him.   Chloe is a little fireball of energy, joy and outright spunk.  A girlie girl-tomboy hybrid who can climb trees in a fancy dress and sandals with the best of them. Outgoing and exuberant, she was always at the ready in front of my camera.    Their sibling dynamic is one of extreme patience and tolerance on Cameron's behalf coupled with an entertaining and engaging little sister who won't let her big brother forget about her as he goes about his analytical day.  Basically, they're all adorable and I'm crazy about them.  We did the shoot at grandma's house because she has this amazing property with incredible oak trees and this is a very outdoorsy family so they were totally in their element.   We wrestled with the fog the entire time with only snippets of good light here and there but lucky for me, their effervescent selves shined brightly!  Steve and Jen, enjoy your sneak peek! xoxo