Zoe & Alex

It's so exciting to meet a new family on shoot day!  I can only hope that the family will warm up to me quickly and trust me enough to let their true selves shine through.  I couldn't have asked for more with this family!  The kids flew out of the car to greet me; Zoe wearing her Princess Elsa dress and Alex parroting everything his big sister said and did.  And did I mention dimples?  And big huge smiles?  Yeah, heaven.  Dad is the family photographer, and a knowledgeable one at that, so the focus on this shoot was family photos that included him for a change!  The kids were all smiles and super high energy practically the entire shoot.  Which, you know, could have been the trip to Penny Ice Creamery right before the shoot or perhaps the birthday party earlier in the day... (ha!) but other than me needing a really fast shutter speed for Zoe (that girl does not stop moving/jumping/running for one nanosecond!) I was completely in my element!  Mom and dad had no problem just having fun and running around with the kids and ENJOYING each other as well as the process of the shoot.  That's all I ever ask for.  Just be yourselves and have fun; and that's exactly what they did.  The result is some truly vibrant and fun images that capture this beautiful family's playful and engaging nature.  By the end Alex was more interested in sitting on my lap while I was taking pictures which, as you can imagine, was quite endearing.  Zoe has a smile that could light up the Universe and the only time I saw it fade the whole time we were shooting was when the shoot was over and it was time to walk back to the car.  I'll take that as a compliment!  All in all, a super fun shoot with a truly delightful family!  Guy & Bay, thank you for choosing me for this family photo shoot, ENJOY your sneak peek!