I've been photographing Oliver since he was a mere baby.  I've watched him grow over the years, but always against the consistent landscape of his curly mass of fabulous hair atop his gorgeous olive skin and his mischievous grin.   He's always been a very active kid and our shoots thus involve a near constant marathon of chasing him around.  I consider it my workout for the day!  This shoot was no different with regard to the energy levels (I seem to attract a much higher percentage of highly active kids over super mellow kids but quite frankly I wouldn't have it any other way, I love vibrant kids!) but this was the first time I took pause and realized just how "grown up" he seemed to me all of a sudden.  He wasn't a toddler or a little boy anymore.   He was distinctly coming into his own.  I think the confidence he has gained from being deeply committed to his swim team (practices every day!) has helped him mature along with his sudden growth spurt.   His swimming is so important to him and so representative of him at this stage in his life that mom and dad wanted to start the shoot off at the athletic club where he swims and then finish off the shoot on the grounds around the club.    It was a great way to capture Oliver as he is right now, doing something he is deeply passionate about and thriving in.   He even swam every day after breaking his arm roller skating - now that is dedication!  I can't imagine swimming with my arm in a cast and I was a competitive swimmer much of my life.  Major props to Oliver!    As you'll see in these images, he truly doesn't ever stop moving so we just went with the flow.  Besides, you can't take a bad picture of this kid, he's CRAZY photogenic!  Enjoy your sneak peek Patricia and Leo, it was a pleasure as always!!!