Oh sweet little Jace, how I love you so, let thee count the ways....

Your irresistible dimples and luscious curls are perfection,

Your bluest of blue eyes remind me of the ocean,

Your mommies are ever so sweet,

Your dog Odie can't be beat.

Alright so prose might not be my forte but taking pictures of delightful families is definitely my happy place.  Throw in a ridiculously cute baby boy and his super sweet pup and I'm basically floating on clouds...  :)

Exactly a year ago I captured Jace's newborn shoot and it was one of my favorite newborn sessions, and not just because I saved his life mind you (for reals!), it was actually because of his fabulous dimples and his wonderful mommies.   I couldn't wait to hang out with them again and it was absolutely worth the wait.   He is the same cutie pie and all three of them make such a great team!   They even had Jace's godmother Stephanie visiting the day of our shoot so she got to play with us too!  Jace had JUST started walking so I got to experience that insanely cute drunken sailor walk that just makes me laugh so hard.  Jace was a very very very active little guy and sitting alone for pictures was not on his agenda, so we played, we sang, we danced and we romped at his home and in his "backyard" (The Pacific Ocean).   A gorgeous and fun filled day!

Delphina & Jennifer (& Stephanie!)  It was an absolute pleasure, Jace is such a delight and you know Odie has my heart, too.  Love you all!  ENJOY your sneak peek!