I absolutely love it when creative types hire me to help them with a photographic project, especially when their style is so seamlessly easy for me to connect with.  Helene contacted me a while back to collaborate on some new head shots for her business/website.   She has a very distinct style with a clear voice in her branding.  She knew exactly the colors she wanted to wear, the type of backdrops and lighting (industrial vibe& natural light) as well as the kind of images she was seeking.  All that clarity made my job very easy as there was no guessing what her needs/vision was and we could get right to it!  Helene's specialty is helping entrepeneurs and small/solo business owners get noticed and build a solid brand, so I obviously didn't have to school her one iota on how to prepare for our shoot.  She smartly hired a professional hair/make up artist (which I ALWAYS recommend doing) to prep her and stay throughout the shoot and had the locations already hand picked.  The hair/make up stylist, Melissa, did a FABULOUS job and was a sweetheart throughout the entire shoot with her willingness to help with reflector holding in order to save time having to set up stands etc...  She was a delight to work with so if you ever need a great gal for her specialty, go check her out at Melissa Hoffmann.  Helene was also an absolute joy to work with and made the shoot so easy with her playful nature and ease behind the camera (even though she would deny that comfort level, she pulled it off beautifully!).  If you have any branding/business building needs, definitely go check her out, she is a definite pro in her field.  Her website can be found HERE.  I highly recommend that anyone launching a business or in the process of rebranding their established business absolutely invest in new custom, quality photography which authentically captures the essence of their business as well as the person behind the brand.  Here's a little sneak peek of our vibrantly colorful, sharp and playful shoot!  ENJOY!