Naseem & Aaron

Naseem and I met while dancing together at our much beloved WorldDanz classes under the tutelage of the magnanimous Gina Garcia.   If you think Naseem is the most beautiful woman you've ever laid eyes on, you'd be correct, but she is even more beautiful on the inside.  And she dances like a sinewy dream.  She's just a vision.  When she asked me if I would be willing to photograph her small, intimate wedding ceremony with her equally gorgeous fiancé I heartily agreed.  Turns out that when she said small and intimate she really meant it.   The wedding was held in their backyard and the only people in attendance were the Bride & Groom, the two officiants and myself.   The officiants?  Our dance teacher Gina and her partner Shane! (along with their adorable pup Galaxy!)    I loved this wedding so much I can't even begin to describe how powerful it was to behold such intensity of emotion between two people with absolutely no distractions to take away from the moment.   The quiet intimacy of the day allowed for them to get completely lost in each other.  The morning was like any other Saturday morning, hitting the Farmer's market together, but with the addition of picking a wedding bouquet while also getting their market goodies.  When I showed up at the house they were both totally relaxed, happy and excited to get married but without any of the pressure of worrying about a timeline, other people or vendors.   This allowed them to have peaceful moments together leading up to the ceremony as well as during the ceremony where they could just let themselves have the space and time to FEEL the emotions of the significance of this day without being rushed.  This allowed them the freedom to just fall into an embrace for as long as they wished.    I've got to say that there's something to be said for a small, non traditional marriage ceremony, one where the focus is purely on the love between the two people becoming partners in such an incredibly intimate setting.  No distractions.  No obligations to anyone else.  It was without doubt as beautiful a ceremony as they both are and a huge honor and privilege to have been asked to bear witness to this magical moment.  Thank you Naseem & Aaron for trusting me with the delightful task of capturing all these powerful moments on film.   I wish you both a lifetime of love, happiness, passion and dancing together.  You're an absolute perfect match for each other!  xoxoxo