Amy & Dylan

I met Amy about 5 years ago when we first got Kooper and she was my guide in all things Rhodesian Ridgeback.   Not only did we become fast friends but our Rhodies did too and we discovered that we had much, much more in common than just the breed of our dogs! HA!  Quick wit being one of those things.  Amy is a very special person to me, but beyond that, she's just a really amazing person PERIOD.   Aside from working hard at her job and taking such great care of Dylan, she also volunteers her time with the Ridgeback Rescue foundation and takes Dylan (who is a certified therapy dog) to the VA hospital with her to make their rounds bringing love and joy to everyone they meet.  She's just good people.  With a kick ass dog.   Their bond may seem unusually strong but anyone who has ever owned a Rhodesian Ridgeback knows that you don't own them as much as they own your heart.  It's just the way of the Ridgeback.  They become VERY attached to their pack.  It's a pretty incredible thing to behold.  Amy and I had been talking about doing this shoot for YEARS and stuff was always getting in the way but then the stars aligned and it just happened.   She filled in a last minute cancellation I had and VOILA!  Serendipity!  Amy & Dylan's two favorite things to do are go on hikes (Amy started a ridgeback weekend hiking group recently) and hitting the beach, so NATURALLY we had to incorporate their two favorite activities into the shoot.   Actually, their third favorite activity is eating Brie together but I didn't get any pictures of that.... LOL!!!!  :)

Amy & Dylan, it's been so wonderful knowing you over the years and I'm so glad you're both in our lives! Kooper and the kids love you too!  Thanks for a super fun shoot! LOVE YOU LOTS!!!