Lucas & Ben

This family always helps me create magic.  They are so sweet, loving, authentic, down to earth and playful with each other, they provide me with everything I need to produce genuine and tender imagery that accurately reflects their family dynamic.   The last time I saw them it was for Ben's newborn shoot.  I had also done Lucas's newborn shoot a few years prior.  When I came back for Ben's, I fell head over heels for Lucas's brilliant, musical, precocious, affectionate soul.  I was beyond smitten with him and he charmed me beyond words.  I was so excited to see how Ben's personality would have evolved over the past 2 years and was delighted to discover that he was just as charming, if not a bit livelier and full of spunk.   Lucas, as always, stole my heart.  Music plays a big role in their lives so the addition of their guitars was a natural inclusion and I couldn't have possibly enjoyed all the wonderful serenading in the Redwood grove while I photographed them just being themselves.  It was a delightful shoot from start to finish and I'm really enjoying watching these boys grow and evolve.   Thank you Caroline and Douglas for the privilege and honor of chronicling your family's journey.  Much love to all four of you!  ENJOY your sneak peek!