Kenzi & Bodi

This shoot was scheduled on Kenzi's 4th birthday which was kind of blowing my mind because I've been taking pictures of her since mama's maternity shoot with her!  Elisa was not messing around with the Christmas theme this year!  She showed up with everyone decked out in green and red, 3 foot tall REAL candy canes (I have never seen a real candy cane that enormous in my life!), banners, customized cupcakes, santa hats & mistletoe.  She was embracing the Holiday spirit!!!  She also came bearing cupcakes for my kids, which was crazy sweet and much appreciated by my spawn, so thank you Elisa!!!  We somehow managed to incorporate all the props (small miracle in and of itself) and keep everyone happy while doing it!  Bodi started off very serious but when I started playfully fake-crying he decided that was the funniest thing EVER and was all smiles every time I threw a fake "crying fit"... too funny!  The weather and sunset were unbelievable that night.  It was well over 70 degrees and after the ridiculous cold spell (26 degrees! in CALIFORNIA PEOPLE!?!?), this warmth was well appreciated let me tell you!  We lucked out on the timing too because the very next day the entire area was covered in smoke from the Big Sur fires and the images would not have had this incredible glow and stunning light.  Speaking of which, my heart goes out to all those affected by the fires, that is such a gorgeous area, one of my favorite places in the world to visit and the loss of home and land for those who live there is just heartbreaking.

It should be noted that when you bring cupcakes to a shoot, and hand them to the children, the children will ONLY look at the cupcakes from that point forward! HA!  It was hilarious.  We had to take them away temporarily... at the very end of the shoot, we gave them back their cupcakes with free reign to devour them.  I fully expected Kenzi and Bodi to eat them, well, how I eat a cupcake, you know, which is to attempt to smoosh the entire thing in your mouth at once, isn't that how everyone eats a cupcake???  Well, nope.  They were so clean, and polite, and poised while taking tiny little licks and nibbles.  Clearly I was raised by wolves....  :)

Elisa & Peter, such a delight seeing you again this year, I adore you guys and can't wait until our next adventure!  ENJOY your sneak peek!!!