Cassandra, Sabine & Zoe

This particular family I've been photographing since the twins were itty bitty babies and they've watched me evolve as a photographer over the years as much as I've watched their family grow and evolve.  Jolene and I share a very similiar sense of style and artistic sensability.  We are completely in sync when it comes to locations, lighting, clothing etc...  She always comes up with totally rad new locations for our shoots which help push and challenge me as a photographer but also provide me with a virtual "playground" for me to just unleash my creative juices.  This year she dressed everyone in a grey and black "steampunk meets Burning Man" theme and I was absolutely beyond smitten!   The girls are fabulously wild and free spirited and ridiculously independent, and we always joke about how it's akin to trying to herd cats to get them all wrangled and under control at the same time but you'd honestly never know looking at the pictures!  I especially love how Jolene and Peter have always given me full freedom to go with my gut during the shoot and they willingly go along with whatever crazy ideas or suggestions I come up with in my wacky little head.  Jolene always manages to choose locations and outfits and vibes that I'm incredibly drawn to stylistically.  Plus, I get to hang out with these 3 amazing little kiddos for a couple hours and I just love getting to know them and their unique personalities more and more with every passing year.  It's always incredibly stimulating and even though I had a bad case of the flu during this shoot, I was completely energized by the girl's buzzing vibrant spirits and the excitement of shooting at such a superb location.   Jolene & Peter had two lovely friends who kindly allowed us to do the shoot at their working quarry in Santa Cruz and boy did we have fun!   At the end, we had to also grab a couple shots of the family with their beloved Westfalia van! It's practically the cornerstone of their "off work" life!   I had so many favorites from this shoot it was really hard narrowing it down for the blog.  I think I was on eye candy overload!

Jolene & Peter, enjoy your sneak peek!! I can't wait to see what you come up with for next year!!!