Grandma (Pixie) was actually the one who initially contacted me, in advance, for this newborn shoot.  You see, she's the wonderful "fairy godmother" who gifts these newborn shoots to her children, of her grandchildren, and in my humble opinon this is the very best gift you could ever grant a new family.  Babies will outgrow STUFF.  They don't need THINGS.  But newborn images will stand the test of time and be the gift that keeps on giving, as the child grows up and delights in seeing their own newborn pictures, and then has the immense pleasure of being able to show them to their children and grandchildren down the road.  Not to mention, this newborn stage goes by SO incredibly quickly.  It's truly a blink of an eye in this beautiful life we are granted.  

When I first arrived at Michelle & Stephen's house and met little Eli I was completely enamored with his FULL HEAD of luscious hair!  That and the fact that he was one CHUNKY 10 lb 10 day old!  So squishable!  My own children had been warned that I was going to a newborn shoot that day.  They know this means that all I'm going to talk about over dinner later that night is the ridiculously cute baby... and that's exactly what transpired.  At least they were warned!

Little Eli was SO good.  He slept nearly the ENTIRE shoot and was so easily soothed and would instantly settle back down in between poses.  Just a complete angel.  We almost even got through the entire shoot without a single "accident" but, inevitably, the  very second I pointed that out, he pooped all over dad.    Poor Stepehen.  Michelle and I were laughing so hard at the timing that we nearly fell over ourselves cracking up and it took us a few minutes to come to his aid...  Shame on us! :)

This trio was just an absolute delight to spend time with!  Little Eli is so deeply loved and cherished by his parents and they work so well as a team, so relaxed and chill for first time parents.  This is gonna be a breeze for them!  I can't wait to see the whole family evolve and grow as they embark on this new journey as a threesome!  Much love to you guys and the whole extended family!  Hope you love this sneak peek, too, Grandma Pixie!  Thanks for making it happen!  xoxo