Ava & Bella

This is another family I've been photographing almost since I launched my business 10 years ago.  I've really  gotten to know these girls and have always been infatuated with their sass and spunk.  Over the years the girls have started having much more input on the shoots with me.  They are totally invested in the process, they pick the location, they shop with mom for their outfits and during the shoot it's a very collaborative process.  I also push these girls a bit and ask more from them than other clients whom I don't know as well because I know what they can do, I know what I can get from them.  So, we experiment.   They are completely used to my camera all up in their grill and my reflector by my side and any other number of accoutrements that I may bring or use.  They are un-phased.  So, I take advantage of their comfort with me and my camera and I get to really "play" with them as they are tireless and always enthusiastic about our time together.  It always yields wonderful results!   This year the girls wanted to go downtown Santa Cruz.  It was a miserably foggy and overcast day so the light was NOT my favorite but the girls rocked it out and we gamely wandered around downtown stopping every time we found inspiration.  We have already planned out next year's shoot and I cannot wait!   Tiffany & Don, thanks for always entrusting your girls images to me.  We make a great team! xoxo