Brendan and Claire

Yeah, so there's cute and there's RIDICULOUSLY CUTE OMG ARE YOU FOR REAL?!   Well, these two fall into the all caps category of cute.  This is my 4th shoot with this adorable and crazy family who stole my heart on our very first meeting.   The kids, well, as you will see, they are kinda happy kids...  (understatement of the year) and the parents are kinda awesome-sauce.  Janice is someone who I would relentlessly stalk to be my new BFF if we lived closer.   True story.  And she gets my work.  She really, truly, deeply understands what I am doing with my art and my approach to family photography.  And she loves it, which gives me full creative freedom to do what I do best.   At one point I asked them all to sit on a tiny curb against a corner with nothing but ivy behind them and she didn't even blink an eye.  I felt the need to explain what I was envisioning and she cut me short saying: "you could ask us to stand in a garbage can and we would do it without reservation Pascale.  We trust you, just do you thing."   Let me tell you, that is music to the ears of any artist who is commissioned by someone to do such personal and intimate work for them.   But part of our magic together is not only that trust and the freedom they give me but the other part of it is that they are just such a fun-loving, easy going and truly happy foursome that you just can't help but revel in their dynamic and interactions.  They give me so much to work with.  The sibling dynamic is actually SO reminiscent of my two, down to the patient and adoring older brother and the firecracker, spunky comedienne of a little sister, that I just delight in watching their interactions.  Have I mentioned how much I love them?  Yeah.  I had the HARDEST time narrowing down my favorites for the blog sneak peek.  I had to edit down from my top 50 images, all of them favorites.  I wanted to post every single shot.  So here's my hard earned edit of the best of the best.  I cannot wait to do this again J & J.  xoxoxoxo