Darrin, Jen, Wesli and Luna

There is no greater honor than to have an artist whose work you have absolutely loved and admired ask you to photograph their family.  Truly.  It's just the greatest feeling.  And then you talk to them on the phone and discover that how you want to photograph them is exactly what they want, too.  And then you meet them and it's like rainbows and unicorns and fluffy clouds all over the place because the whole shoot is magic from start to finish.   I completely fell head over heels in love with this family right off the bat.  There was no "first time" warm up needed.  It was instantaneous WHOOP! THERE IT IS!  (I dare you to say that without also singing the song...)

Literally, the only hard part about this shoot was sifting through the images and trying to narrow it down to "favorites."  Kind of hard when you have a billion favorites.  So, this might be the longest blog post sneak peek I have ever posted - and it may take several minutes to even load all the images, so I apologize for that!  Be patient, it's worth it.

Darrin and Jen, I don't even know what to say.   Your kids are just incredible: warm, engaging, creative, delightful, and utterly charming.   The playfulness, affection, love, tenderness, and intense bond you all have for each other was absolutely heart warming and totally endearing to behold.   It was a pleasure and an honor to spend a few hours with you capturing these images.   It was a dream shoot for me and I hope you love the results!  xoxo