Laila & Ricky

I so look forward to seeing this family every year for more reasons than I could ever list here without using up all my blog space!   I just adore them so!   They are quite possibly the nicest people on the planet.  No joke.  And the way they interact with each other is so sweet, and playful, and every time I'm around them I really get that sense that they just so very much are loving this process of being a family and raising kids and rolling with all the ups and down that go along with family life.  Rafael's face literally LIGHTS up with pride and joy when he talks about his kids.  And Magaly is the epitome of the kind of woman that I am drawn to in friendship and whom I deeply respect.  The kids?  They are all kinds of wonderful delight to be around.  Laila is more quiet, observant, introspective and yet still playful and engaging.   Ricky is a little firecracker, full of spunk, explosive energy, unbridled joy and a compete zest for life.   I'm always sad at the end of the shoot (which I think I make last way longer than it should just because I enjoy their company so much) because I know it'l be a year before I get to hang out with all of them again! 

Magaly & Rafael, I hope you love your images and thank you for being such wonderful human beings doing an incredible job raising two more wonderful little beings!  Love you all! xoxo