I met Halina's mom through a mutual friend whom we both adore so it made sense that we would hit it off right away.   Several months after being introduced, Tina contacted me to do a special birthday shoot for her daughter Halina's 11th birthday.    I'm completely in love with that age range right now (which could be because my kids are 9 and 11 yrs old...) but really it's just a superb age.   I was excited to meet Halina based on how Tina described her, and she exceeded my expectations.   Halina is a vibrant, self assured, secure, funny, smart, delightful young lady and an absolute dream for a photographer to shoot.  My camera LOVED her.  We had a splendid day by the beach and I very much enjoyed my time with Halina and Tina.  I hope they both love their sneak peek!  Halina, you are an absolute gem, keep being you - through and through!