Kenzi & Bodi

The weather has been SO not California like for my last few shoots!  BOOOO!  On the day of this shoot it was dark, foggy and BLAH BLAH BLAH.   Luckily, my clients showed up and they were BLING BLING BLING!  Ha!  All glittery and shiny and sparkly!!!  I knew everything was going to be A OK!  Plus Elisa brought a ton of props for the kids which we incorporated throughout the shoot.   I've been photographing Kenzi and Bodi since Kenzi was in utero and I get to see them twice a year so needless to say I am quite fond of them and deeply attached to the whole family.  Kenzi and Bodi have a very affectionate sibling bond and are always kissing and cuddling, which is especially adorable because they have the post puckering lips I have ever seen.   It's just crazy cute!    The light might have been dreary (requiring lots of supplemental light and reflector work) but the shoot itself was anything but!  Smiles and giggles throughout!   Elisa & Peter,  thanks for making the most of this yucky weather and hanging out with me!  I love you guys so much! xoxo