Maggie, Connor & Charlotte

I've been photographing this family since their eldest was a wee baby.  It's been a very long relationship and an absolute commitment on their part because they moved away several years ago but they always come back to the Bay Area every year for Thanksgiving and we basically have a standing date that week to keep up our annual tradition.  It absolutely means the world to me that they keep squeezing me into their short visit and that I get to keep chronicling their journey as a family.   These kids are just THE CUTEST!  Between Connor's two missing front teeth, Maggie's freckles and Char-bear's absolutely infectious smile and spunk....  A photographer's delight!

It rained for several days prior to our shoot and it POURED the day after our shoot.  How we got so lucky with the weather on our shoot date is an absolute miracle but a blessing we all were supremely grateful for!   

The kids were having a blast running around and we basically just played and interacted and romped around and took pictures.  I got to joke around with mom & dad who both have wonderful senses of humor and it was all just a jolly old time.  Until, that is, the very very very end when we were trying to get pictures of Annelys with her kids and Connor decided he was just NOT going to smile for the camera.  But, of course, I'm completely irresistible so you can see him trying his DARNDEST not to fall for my tricks, to no avail.   That facial expression at the end just slays me.  He is trying soooooo hard to resist my charms.... lol!!!  

Annelys & John, I hope you love your sneak peek! Can't wait til next year! xoxoxo