Manuela, Gabriella & Nico

This time of year my schedule is completely booked up with long time clients who have booked me nearly a year in advance so it's a rarity to be able to squeeze in a new client but I had a client who needed to reschedule their date due to a family emergency and I was able to get this family in (switch dates) and I'm SOOOOOO glad it worked out!  First of all, they were SUCH troopers because they'd gotten very little sleep the night prior and yet everyone showed up with bright smiles and an incredibly positive attitude, which naturally permeated the entire shoot.   Second of all, you know how you meet some people and you decide within about 2.1 NANOSECONDS that you absolutely adore them? Yeah. That's how this all went down.  Normally, 3 kids 5 and under means you're pretty ready for just about anything but the entire shoot was SMOOTH sailing!  These kids were just 100% happy, spunky, cooperative, whip smart, playful and clearly deeply loved by their completely devoted parents.   The whole family dynamic was delightful, so real and genuine, easygoing and mellow, loving and tender.  I just completely fell in love with them.   It had rained the entire day prior but the day of our shoot was beyond GORGEOUS, which was only outmatched by their beautiful smiles.  At one point the "diva" of the family (we won't name names...) decided that she didn't want her shoes to get wet walking through the wet grass.   She didn't whine or complain, she just quietly dug through mom's bag, found two paper bags and put her feet in them to walk around.  How can you not love that!?!?!  *swoon*   I had a hard time narrowing it down for the blog post but here's a few favorites!

Andy & Isabela, THANK YOU for being so wonderful!  I hope you LOVE this sneak peek!