Gabby & Lexi

As you will see, these girls are undeniably stunning and could easily be professional models.  But their inner beauty shines even more brightly.  These girls are just so incredibly sweet, kind, self assured,  funny, smart and just absolutely delightful to be around.  Every shoot I have with them I am more and more impressed as I get to watch them evolve into such remarkable young ladies.    When you see mom in the pics, you'll quickly understand.  She's as good a soul and beautiful a woman as you'll ever meet.  I am so honored to call her my friend.  

LeeAnne, I hope you LOVE your sneak peek.  There were SO many incredible images to choose from, it was terribly hard to narrow it down for the blog post!   

As a side note, it was my brilliant idea to include Winston (their bulldog) in the shoot despite LeeAnne trying to warn me that he was a little, um, crazy.   He's a LOT crazy, actually.  Nonetheless, he kept things interesting and since he can't be trusted off leash, at one point I was holding him with one hand and shooting with the other while taking pictures of LeeAnne with her girls.  I'm AMAZED those turned out so sharp considering the tasmanian devil spaz dog on the other end of the leash! HA!