Te'a & Remi

I still distinctly remember my first shoot with this awesome family and knowing right then and there that we would be good friends for years to come.  Their energy and their dynamic is extraordinary.  Renata's zest to live life to the fullest and fill her kids lives with EXPERIENCES (rather than things) and ADVENTURES is something I can absolutely relate to and admire.  Kevin's incredible dedication to his chosen cause (go check out F.A.T.T. - Food Awareness Through Training), his restaurant (Ground Up Burgers in Half Moon Bay) and their passion for Food Awareness and supporting local, sustainable farming is beyond compare.  They're also just a whole lot of fun to hang out with! :)

You will quickly see in these pictures why I love them so much, so full of life and laughter and down to earth silliness.  My kind of folks!  We were fortunate enough to be able to do the shoot at Jacob's Herb Farm in Pescadero (a fabulous backdrop!) and make the most of the gorgeous light before a ridiculously thick wall of fog rolled in and blocked out all the useable light! PHEW!

Renata & Kevin, I adore you guys and am so glad we were able to get our shoot in again this year!!!  ENJOY your sneak peek!!!